What if I Haven’t Chosen Adoptive Parents?

If you’re considering adoption, you might be worried about your baby’s future parents. What if you’re having trouble finding the right adoptive family for your baby? No matter how long it takes, you will find the right family for your baby.

No Matter How Long it Takes, You Will Find the Perfect Family for Your Baby

Out of all of your big, life-changing moments, adoption will be one of the most stressful. Besides creating an adoption plan from scratch, making a hospital plan for delivery, and so much more, you have one of the hardest jobs of all — finding the perfect family for your baby.

This choice can be overwhelming, and you may even be wondering, “What happens if nobody adopts my baby?” Know that there are adoption professionals who can ensure that this will not be the case.

As you work with your adoption specialist, one of the first things you’ll do is fill out a list of preferences that you’d prefer to see in an adoptive family. From there, they’ll send you different adoptive family profiles based on your unique preferences. Infant adoption agencies work with many families that are looking to grow their family, so you will always be able to find the right one for you.

If you’d like to learn more about finding prospective adoptive parents for your baby, please contact an adoption specialist today.

Here are some common questions that prospective birth parents have about finding an adoptive family.

What are Some Things to Look for in an Adoptive Family?

Finding the right adoptive family for your baby takes time. If you’re just starting the process, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of education do I want my child to have?
  • Do I want them to live in the state that I do, allowing for more frequent visits?
  • Do I want them to have siblings?
  • Can the adoptive parents have pets?
  • And so much more!

Remember, only you can decide which adoptive families are right for your baby. If you don’t find a family that you like from the profiles that you’ve been sent, we will continue to show you different options until you find a family that you like. There are always adoptive parents looking to grow their family through adoption, so you don’t need to think, “What happens if nobody adopts my baby?”

What if I Don’t Have an Adoptive Family Picked When I Give Birth?

How much time you have to pick an adoptive family can be a big source of stress for prospective birth parents. Because you’re under so much pressure to find a family, you’re probably wondering:

  • What if I don’t have an adoptive family picked when I give birth?
  •  What happens if I don’t find an adoptive family by the time by son’s born?
  • Will my daughter be placed into foster care if I don’t find a family soon?

These concerns are perfectly normal. You’re under a lot of pressure, and you want to make sure that the family you trust your child to is more than up for the job — which might mean you haven’t made up your mind by the time your baby is born.

Remember, no matter how far along in your pregnancy you are, an adoption specialist will do everything they can to find the right family for you. If you’re considering an adoption after your hospital stay, you have just as much time to find an adoptive family as every prospective birth mother we work with. It is never too late to choose adoptive parents for your baby.

What Happens if Nobody Adopts My Baby?

We often get asked, “Can you give your child up for adoption even if a family doesn’t want to adopt it at the moment?”

Sometimes, when prospective birth mothers contact an adoption professional, they already have a family in mind that they’d like to place their baby with — such as a close friend or family member who offers to care for the baby. But sometimes in these situations, even after settling on an adoptive family that you think might be perfect for your baby, they may not be ready for adoption. Perhaps they don’t meet all the necessary requirements to adopt with your adoption agency, or maybe they’re simply not ready to commit to the adoption process.

Other times, a prospective birth mother worries that a family might not want to adopt her child because of her child’s special needs, medical issues, or anything that she may not want to divulge in her social or medical history. But even in these circumstances, you should know that there is a family for every baby.

There will always be an opportunity for you to find another adoptive family that meets your needs. Your adoption specialist will do everything they can to find the right adoptive family for your baby, including networking with other adoption professionals to identify additional families who may meet your needs and desires. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, or even if it’s months after your baby’s birth, adoption professionals can help you find the right family for your baby.

When Will I Know I’ve Found the Right Adoptive Family for My Baby?

You want to find the greatest family you can for your baby. More importantly, you want to feel it in your gut that you’ve made the right choice. But how can you know from so many options? When you find the right adoptive family, you’ll likely “just know.” Here are a few signs you may have found your baby’s adoptive family:

  • You’ll feel their excitement at getting to know the newest member of their family
  • You’ll see their joy as they get to know you and welcome you into their life
  • You’ll feel that they’re ready to raise your child

When you’ve found the right family, you’ll feel it in your heart and soul. No matter how long it takes, you’ll never have to worry about not finding adoptive parents for your baby.

If you’re having trouble finding the right adoptive family for your baby, don’t be afraid to reach out to an adoption specialist that can guide you through this process.

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